grooveAttaxx was founded 1990 by guido kroeger. on weeknights he initialised the student-party's called "grooveAttaxx" in trier (germany), where he and several guest-dj's played black-beats and vocal-house. in luxembourg we've been spinning together since 1994.

when we organize events it's first of all for the fun and the electric vibes. along with a lot of good music we transport our groovy vibes to the people. we think that quality (and not quantity) is important. that’s why we prefer to organize only VERY few grooveAttaxx-events during a year.

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guido, andy, buick, foolproof, kinch, jerry


Well, i'm a music-addicted person. first thing in the morning: the music is ON...and my eyes half shut...;). that is why the name of my personal party-concept is "I LOVE MUSIC".

ILM iS STAGED ONLY ONCE A YEAR. all events will attempt to let you discover the idea behind THE concept: it's a low bow to all those true-to music lovers.

SINCE I LOVE MUSIC.1 in febRUARY 2000, I WAS honoured by guests like ian pooley (ministry of sound / pooled music records), live-act aril brikha (art of vengeance/transmat-records, sweden), carsten helmich (juicy beats festival), estroe (mazzo, netherlands), soundshaper (vibesensor-montreal, canada), dorian paic (raum...musik records, freebase records, germany), kabuki (precision records, germany), terry lee brown jr. (plastic city records), miguel ayala (precision records, germany), mondmann (universal records, jazzmoon promotion) AND MANY OTHERS.

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beside ilovemusic, in 2004 i found myself another playground for the summertime:
“BEATBOAT” is a unique night on the mosel river in a very special venue, the former postal-ship "TELEGRAAF IV".

beatboat, that means party into the sunrise while cruising and dancing on the river, together with the hippest in electronic music. AND BECAUSE THERE IS only ONE beatboat-event during a year (usually the 2nd saturday in july), beatboat is always sold out weeks in advance - as nobody wants to be left behind on the pier watching the happy crowd move into their ecstatic boattrip.
because of very limited capacity on board (max. 200 guests), admission for beatboat is by online-presale only.

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  • saturday 09.07.2016

    i love music & grooveAttaxx loudly present:


    a unique night on the mosel river in a very special venue: the former postal-ship "TELEGRAAF IV" ! party with us while cruising and dancing on the river, and enjoy the hippest in electronic music.
    featuring 2 very special GUEST DJ's from hamburg (germany): DEO & Z-MAN (MAFIOSIBROS.)
    and the grooveAttaxx dj's Andy Weber, DJ BUICK aka Fritz, Dj Foolproof, Kin Ch, Guido Kröger.

    don't miss this rare moment in luxembourgs nightlife.


    like already last year, it will NOT be possible to do any ticket-reservation - not via web, not via the dj's. instead, there is the beatboat ticket e-shop where you can simply buy your ticket(s) online. you can pay via credit card or paypal. and you will receive your ticket as pdf within a second.

    get your ticket(s) here (presale link will follow within the next weeks).

    be quick - there are (as every year) only 200 tickets available. and last year BEATBOAT was sold out within a few hours!



    saturday 09.07.2016
    boarding: 20h, departure: 21h, arrival: 1h.
    telegraaf IV. same place as all previous years: QUAI NEXT TO THE "BAIN EN PLAIN AIR" grevenmacher.(MAP)

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    visit the ilovemusic-facebook-page for pictures and videos from ALL past beatboat-events.


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